New System for Temple Recommends?

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Re: New System for Temple Recommends?


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barkeraj wrote: Fri Jan 21, 2022 4:24 pm Hmmm... They wouldn't show up until we added them to the list. Maybe I'll have to try again and give them more time or something.
It begs the question of what is really happening. Is the device phoning home to check on a update before it makes itself available? Is an external sever being used to coordinate the connection? Or, perhaps the approval is also required for local name resolution. Perhaps if they were being addressed by IP ...
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Re: New System for Temple Recommends?


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jchdds wrote: Wed Jan 19, 2022 9:15 pm
danielward76 wrote: Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:55 pm After the Stake interview we have the units handle printing the recommends. We let the Bishoprics know beforehand that they should let the member know that the following Sunday they can pickup their recommend in their home Ward. The member already knows what the process will entail.

As a Stake Presidency we conduct both virtual interviews and in person interviews when visiting units. This past Sunday I conducted multiple in person interviews during the second hour and after church each of those members were able to receive there printed recommends the same day. For virtual interviews the member can pick up their recommend on Sunday.

This process has been simple and is going smoothly for us. The best part is that the Stake isn’t involved in the printing (except in those rare last minute situations).
So the recommend does not have to be printed the day of the stake interview? The official language makes it sound like the recommend can only be printed that day. If you are able to print it later at the ward level, please let me know. That would solve a huge obstacle we are dealing with in our stake.
Sorry, I’ve not checked this in a while. After 6 months of using the exact process I previously described, we have found it to work perfectly for our needs. Yes, the Wards/Branches print all of the recommends and issue to the members. As a stake we don’t print the recommends and this process is very convenient.
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