Missionary Account Transfer

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Missionary Account Transfer


Post by brown67 »

Had a family move out of the Ward that had a missionary serving. $25 was left I the account and we had the responsibility switched.

I need to transfer that $25 to the new Branch. Normally, I just write a check and mail it, but couldn't do that this time. There is no Ward Missionary Account or individual account for the Missionary listed in the account drop down menu.

I can do a transfer, but the receiving Branch has no account listed to transfer the money into. I can pull up the Branch, and then it requires you to select an account, but there aren't any listed.

Looks like this is a new change
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Re: Missionary Account Transfer


Post by eblood66 »

It does look like Ward Missionary Fund is no longer an option for checks. That probably makes sense. Previously the only valid reason for writing a check from Ward MIssionary fund was for a transfer to another unit. But now that can be done as a direct transfer.

Is the new Branch in your stake? According to the help documentation (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/hel ... s?lang=eng) wards and branches can only transfer WM funds to other units in the same stake. If it's in another stake then I think you'll need to transfer the money to the stake and then the stake can transfer to the out-of-stake branch.
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