3rd Counselor Temple Recommends

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3rd Counselor Temple Recommends


Post by silus99 »

I feel like I know what the answer will be, but here it goes:

We have a YSA ward that covers three stakes. To cover this area we have three bishopric counselors (one from each stake). Obviously, the third counselor is not a standard calling and lack any privileges on LCR. We would typically call them as an assistant clerk as well to get them access similar to a counselor.

With the new electronic temple signature, we have found they can no longer do temple recommends. Any suggestions or just a no go?

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Re: 3rd Counselor Temple Recommends


Post by russellhltn »

I don't know of any way to solve your problem. I'd suggest going to the stake or area authority. That way, what comes down will be "from above" and not from you.

Personally, my suggestion is to release the counselor that's from the same stake as the bishop. That way you still have all three stakes represented while complying with the standard organization.
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Re: 3rd Counselor Temple Recommends


Post by scgallafent »

There is no way to do what you are asking.
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Re: 3rd Counselor Temple Recommends


Post by BrianEdwards »

I'd also recommend sending it up the chain of authority. I expect that your previous practice of having all three counselors do temple recommends was "approved" by the Area, and that there may be other units church-wide that had similar approval for unique situations. And the programming logic for digital recommends may or may not have accounted for this -- so even if the Area says "yes", there might not be a way yet for it to be manually configured for your YSA Ward. They may just say "sorry", but it may also trigger some action.
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