Erasing clerk computer hard drives

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Erasing clerk computer hard drives


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This post is just explaining my success using the tool Shredos:

Wiping hard drives isn't as easy as it seems. The church wants clerk computers wiped so they can repurpose the computers. But ... e?lang=eng only mentions using Windows to do it. Unfortunately sometimes I just don't have an admin account on the clerk machine.

I tried using DBAN, but frankly the tool is harder to find and a pain to get working on a boot USB. Searching around, I found Shredos. It's actively maintained and it does the job. I used a img to USB writer (balenaEtcher in my case), selected the appropriate Shredos img file, and made a boot USB. From there on the clerk computer I had to change the boot order (on the Dell computers I was working on, I had to press F12 on the boot screen, then get into the BIOS, then make USB the #1 boot option). Shredos booted right up and found the hard drive. I had to push space to select it, then Shift + S to have it start. It takes about 6 hours as it runs a few passes, and then it's done.
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Re: Erasing clerk computer hard drives


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Thanks for sharing! A little more info: ShreadOS uses nwipe, which is an ongoing, open source, fork of DBAN. (DBAN's last version was in 2015.) This is a nice wrapper for Nwipe that can be used with either a graphical user interface (GUI), or command-line interface (CLI). (Nwipe is CLI only.)
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