Church Zoom Account - Changing Email Address or Password

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Re: Church Zoom Account - Changing Email Address or Password


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scottej52 wrote:AGENT ( Jemuel R): Thank you for waiting. For that, yes you may follow "How Do I Change the Email on My Account?". Once completed your email can be used to create a free individual account.
Ok, it frees up your emai to have a personal account, but where does that leave the ward's account? I've seen reports that it becomes no longer connected on the "meet" page suggesting it could lose it's licensing - if not immediately, then at some future time.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Church Zoom Account - Changing Email Address or Password


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scottej52 wrote:So - can I change the email address for our ward account myself, or do I need to go through our STS to make sure "meet portal" doesn't mess things up?
It does not matter whether you change it or you ask the STS to change it. The Meet Portal is likely to get confused. I would suggest that you sign into the account and change the email to one your ward wishes to use.

I made a mistake in the email for our stake account. I changed the email at Zoom. The Meet Portal reverted from Setup Complete back to Setup Not Complete. However, the account seems to work just fine.

I sent feedback through the portal and received a response that "the email address has been fixed". I do not know what they fixed. The Meet Portal does not seem to know either. There still seems to be a disconnect between the Meet Portal and Zoom but neither you nor the STS can do anything about it, except that he can send feedback through the Portal.

I am the one who thought there may be a problem if the Meet Portal did not reflect the correct emal address, but that was simply speculation on my part. So far, our stake has not had any problem with the email change.
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Re: Church Zoom Account - Changing Email Address or Password


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Is there a way to mass change email addresses for all units in the stake? The current process to change emails one-by-one has so far been a mess.

The goal: For each unit in the stake, change the email to the form

The problem: Most unit's zoom accounts were assigned to the bishop's email address when licensed. What happened is when COVID hit, many bishops went ahead and just bought a personal Zoom license for their ward and put it under their email. Then when the church bought Zoom accounts, I had to manually email the church for all of these, and they were able to process a license upgrade to a church paid account. But they're still managed by that person's email. As a STS, I don't have the passwords to some of these accounts as they just weren't shared with me. Further, I've tried to work with bishops and former bishops to process changing these emails over to a stake email account, and the process has just simply broken down for various reasons. I could probably make it work if I schedule appointments and drive out to each current and former bishop's home, but there has got to be a better way. I wish I could just send a list to church HQ and have them fix the stake accounts for me. I've tried calling into church tech HQ help, and I've run into brick walls there, nobody seems to even know an employee who manages Zoom accounts anymore.

Any insights from anyone else on this?
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Re: Church Zoom Account - Changing Email Address or Password


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Update: The church has no automated process. After speaking with a few techs, these are the options:

Option 1) Contact the email address holder and walk them through the process
Option 2) Delete the Zoom account and create a new one.

Fortunately I was able to get option 1 for all. The process involves having them open up a web browser, then go into their Zoom account profile area, then change the email, then supply the Zoom password. Then go into their email and confirm, and possibly type the Zoom password again. Then I go into the new email account and confirm.
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