Smart TV without the apps/advertising?

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Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by barkeraj »

Curious if anyone knows of a TV that is smart in that it has airplay and chrome cast, but doesn’t have all the Netflix/etc and associated advertising.

Love the functionality of being able to stream to a TV but hate turning it on and have some rated R movie being advertised before getting a gospel message going. I know that is how TVs subsidize their cost, so if we need to pay a bit more for no ads I think we’d be up for it.
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Re: Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by eblood66 »

I haven't tried any out myself on my TV but if you get an Android TV I think you should be able to install an alternative launcher to avoid ads. At least that might be one alternative to look into.
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Re: Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by seanhyte »

If you have Android TV os you can set a restricted profile and put apps that you only want to see. ... 3330?hl=en . Some tvs will have built in Android TV or use a Mii box or Nvidia shield with any TV.
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Re: Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by russellhltn »

As attractive as an all-in-one package is, I'm not sure as it's the best idea. I don't think Smart TVs are supported as well from the standpoint of security updates and length of support. Also, it seems the streaming technology gets outdated faster than the TV itself. That means you're either going to have to toss a perfectly good TV or use an external device anyway.

Besides, the lack of advertising could disappear in an update.
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Re: Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by »

I just ordered a Samsung pro tvs. The ones for customizable for business use. I think this may be a viable solution. Looking to try and have the start splash screen be the instructions or something two. Will report back how it worked.
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Re: Smart TV without the apps/advertising?


Post by davidcdeem »

Love this idea - did anything ever come of it?
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