Zoom verification codes via email

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Zoom verification codes via email


Post by Biggles »

We have just run into the verification code issue. Searching the zoom help area, it appears that this is something zoom has introduced. They have setup up some kind AI system that kicks in when someone tries to login from a source it doesn’t recognise.

Below is part of the conversation and potential solution from the Help area.

The problem is an under-the-hood security AI process that notices (or tries to notice) when a user tries to log in from an unexpected location, or when there is some other anomaly. When the AI thinks that the login might be suspicious, it sends a one-time password (OTP) to the phone number associated with the login. For our organization and for the others on this thread, this is a serious and insoluble obstacle because we have multiple people sharing the same login.

The solution was for Zoom Support to deactivate this OTP security process for our account. Deactivating the OTP definitely reduces security for our account. We have an increased risk of hacking or account takeover. “

I’ve passed this information over to our Stake Clerk, to see what can be done!
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Re: Any known recovery methods for Zoom account with GMail address?


Post by davereb »

What I've done for those some units, and will for any who want it, is set up conditional forwarders so the Zoom OTP email forwards to someone (or multiple) in that unit so they can still authenticate. (It is filtered for just that units zoom account.)
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Re: Any known recovery methods for Zoom account with GMail address?


Post by sbradshaw »

Has anyone tried using a Gmail delegated account or a collaborative inbox (through Google Groups)? It seems like this would allow multiple people to get recovery codes, etc. without needing to share the password for the ward or stake email account.
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Re: Zoom verification codes via email


Post by Mikerowaved »

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Re: Zoom verification codes via email


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