Finance in Member Tools

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Finance in Member Tools


Post by zaneclark »

I found Finance as one of the options under "More." I don'thave permission to access this so I attempted to show this to our Finance Clerk, but it wasn't there.. Is the Finance feature part of the beta for Tools? I have the latest beta version but don't know if that is where the Finance comes from...
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Re: Finance in Member Tools


Post by davesudweeks »

I have the Finance option in Tools. It only gives the option to submit reimbursement requests (my current calling is Elders Quorum President). It is possible that those who don't have access to submit reimbursement requests will not see the finance option.

Given other posts in this forum with issues from submitting reimbursement requests through Tools, I'm opting to do them through LCR for now.
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Re: Finance in Member Tools


Post by lajackson »

zaneclark wrote: Mon May 09, 2022 10:00 pm Is the Finance feature part of the beta for Tools?
I am on Member Tools 4.6.1-(101915.14) which is a regular release, not a beta. I am also on the beta channel, but I never checked during the last beta to see if a Finance feature was there.

I am in a calling that allows for requesting reimbursements. I see the Finance menu item. For me, it has one option: Payment Requests. I have not yet had occasion to use that option.

I would guess that if I did not have a Finance role because of my leadership position, I would not see the Finance link. It seems that is the way most things work on Church platforms.
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