Ministering - Filter by Member option needed

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Ministering - Filter by Member option needed


Post by sherikeilman »

Hello, could we get a Ministering Report that allows us to see a list of members in alphabetical order with who their ministering sisters are? Currently it splits them out into the different interview groups and then within each group, they are filtered by companionship. So if I want to quickly see who ministers to Mary Jane, the only way is to go to the directory, drill down into Mary Jane to find her ministering sisters. It would be so nice to have a report of all of my sisters in alphabetical order where I can quickly see Mary Jane and who ministers to her. Thank you!!! Also, currently if you go into the Ministering Sisters and current assignments, there is a Contact us button to the right, if you click on that, it just logs you out. Never gives you a help page or any way to contact you.
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Re: Ministering - Filter by Member option needed


Post by jdlessley »

There is a report at LCR > Ministering called Ministering Assignments Summary that does as you describe. My ward RS president just confirmed it is available to her and her counselors. They can see not only Relief Society but Elders Quorum ministering assignments and there are other filter options.
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Re: Ministering - Filter by Member option needed


Post by lcbalogh »

I found the list with ministering brothers and sisters. Is there a way to get a list of just ministering sisters? We would like to be able to cut the report and give each sister a slip with the names of their ministering sisters. We have just made a considerable number of changes to our companionships and assignments. We would like to be able to filter the list to only sisters that have ministering sisters assigned to them. Is there a way to do this?
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Re: Ministering - Filter by Member option needed


Post by davesudweeks »

From the Ministering Assignments Summary page, select the "All Households" tab and then change the far right box just below it from "All Organizations" to "Ministering Sisters." That should give you the report similar to what you are describing. I did not see a way to show just the sisters - you will see the married couples listed together and just the Ministering Sisters. However, you may be able to explore different options and get it to just the sisters and the ministering sisters.
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Re: Ministering - Filter by Member option needed


Post by russellhltn »

If the sisters have access to technology, they can look it up themselves in "Member Tools" or "Ward Directory and Map". It might be worth having a short lesson on how to look that up. (The old "teach a person to fish" trick instead of fostering dependence on handouts.)
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