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It is another sign of the times with the security problems that many of our ward and stake buildings suffer from. In our stake center, we have MP holders who are assigned to walk the parking lots 3 times an hour while the opposite ward is in session to cut down on vehicle break-ins. We've had to replace the register boards twice now on our new organ due to vandals getting in to the chapel and doing a jig on the key boards. Our AC copper coils and entire units have been ripped from their seatings on numerous occasions. Our lobby windows (as well as those in nearby buildings) were shot out by drunken teens on a tear.

All of this in a neighborhood considered "nice" by any standard.

The long and the short of it is thus: if someone wants to break the law, or gain entry to our local facilities, they will. It is critical that we are vigilant to do all we can, without becoming a police state.
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