Priesthood Lessons & Presidency Messages Podcasts

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Priesthood Lessons & Presidency Messages Podcasts


Post by lordsld-p40 »

I teach Primary and don't get to attend the priesthood lessons. So I have been downloading the mp3 files and listening to them while going to work. And also the First Presidency messages. I think it might be a good idea to set up podcasts for these that people could subscribe to. Especially for those who are visually impaired.
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Some Podcasts are being tested


Post by tomj »

Some Podcasts are being tested right now this is a link to the Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson Podcast: President Kimball Book:

Both Audio & PDFs:,18692,6479-41,00.html

They have also set up a podcast for General Conference Talks. Personally I really like it, because it breaks it down into individule talks. My commute has improved because of this. ... -1,00.html
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Post by JasonG-p40 »

Yeah, having the talks broken down individually is very nice. I had to work through the last few General Conference sessions, so being able to pull them back up and watch/listen/read them is really great.
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Post by jlarso5 »

Would it be possible to set up the podcasts so that the lesson for the week was downloaded instead of having every one of the files downloaded at the time of the subscription? If you don't have a huge capacity player it is more easily managed if you just get the file that goes with the weeks study.
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Post by JamesAnderson »

Barlin makes a good point.

Right now, you only can download the entire thing, that whole book as one single podcast. But podcasting was created so you could send out individual 'episodes' of a show. In this case, the 'episode' would be the chapter from the President Kimball book, with the first week being the First Presidency message.

There are three possible podcasts I can think of now.

1. Twice a month, a chapter from the President Kimball book, current with that month's lessons from the book..
2. three times a month, starting with the First Presidency Message for that month, followed by the two lessons for that month being broadcast over the next two weeks.
3. A 'general conference' podcast, with single talk broadcasts, could be set up so that people could download them daily, weekly, etc.

That would also generate more hits on podcast directories, I think that the two podcasts that are already there show up on all of them now, but this would keep showing things more 'up front' and current.
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