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Over more than 25 years of ward clerking experience I've seen talent surveys come and go many times. The lists tend to have fleeting value, and are frequently ignored. Now that we're facing tough financial times I see even more value in gathering and using the data. I can see welfare and fellowshipping value in having talent lists available as decision making tools. But I have yet to see any permanence in the data, or any broad interest in or real application of it. Talents seem to be effectively shared whether we have lists or not. When there are special needs for welfare or fellowshipping, ward leaders seem to be able to find members with appropriate talents. Maybe talent lists should remain informal, at least for now.
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MLS TUW Emergency, Talent and Interest Survey


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Back in 1991 when we were still in the Dos Versions of MLS, we have listed data for members who want their resources known, of their Emergency, Talent and Interest information. We have added EQUIPMENT; trucks, RVs, trailers, backhoes, Generators, Tents, etc, to the Church "Talent and Interest Survey". Listing there also available sleeping rooms, great for the Bishop to know, as the highway here often closes in winter here. We have had the Wards using the data listed there, adding in the link to the TUW program to do updates by member input would be great. Making information available to other Wards, Stake, Region, etc in Activities and Emergencies could be added, linking needs with resources. This has also been useful in Presidencies getting to know what "talents" are out there. We have the data securely in MLS but it is not always easy to get to, in the present form. It may be needed to just have leadership access to the overall info in TUW? It would be great if the Region needed things, they could draw on members resources.
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actmess wrote:We have had the Wards using the data listed there, adding in the link to the TUW program to do updates by member input would be great.
What does TUW mean?
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Successfully using Talents & Interests at a ward level


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I began working with the custom talents and interests area of MLS a number of months ago in my ward. We can now print reports in MLS that show us members and their talents/interests/resources. Here's what I did:

1. I began with this thread and customized one of the questionnaires. My version of that questionnaire is attached to this post. (Member Information Sheet)

2. I then went to: MLS > System Options > Members and added custom talents and interests and resources. I also created custom fields for any item that required more or specific data.

3. I handed each member of the ward the member information sheet and asked them to complete it. I then entered that data in MLS. This is done by going to: Membership > Custom Member Fields > and then selecting a member by name.

The system is working beautifully. Of course I have updated the Member Information Sheet a number of times during the process and will probably continue to adapt it as the needs of the ward continue to manifest. To date, the project has survived two MLS updates without any loss of data :rolleyes:!

My hope is that this system or one like it can be adopted by the church so that this data can move with the member record.
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This following photo may be helpful
A Ward Talent & Interest Survey Sheet.jpg
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Does the Church approve use of free online survey sites?


Post by woode »

I have created a sample survey based on the Church's Talent & Interest survey (form 33812) that can be completed online with a free account through Survey Monkey. The intent is to email it throughout the stake for members to complete online. Before making this live, does anyone have any feedback as to the Church's approval of using such a method?

Survey link:
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woode wrote:Before making this live, does anyone have any feedback as to the Church's approval of using such a method?

If I understand this right, this is strictly a survey. You did not give the site any membership information? Because that's one concern, disclosing personal information to a third party.

The other question is to what extent the local leaders "encourage" everyone to participate, since in doing so they have to disclose some personal information.
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I have, for several years, used Custom Fields as a STRING yield six new talents and interest categories called:Sports ability, music ability, Special training(i.e. Dr, Nurse,Welder, Barber, CPR, Mid-Wife, etc) , Food (cooking) specialiy, Heavy equipment (owner/operator of any kind, etc), plus other types of heavy equipment owner/opeator......Our ward has been doing this for years.....Our Bishopric, Priestood leaders, and Relief Society gets a full copy of EVERYTHING submitted by or obtaned from ward members. Ward Councils "can not" function very well with out such info...If any one wants a sample of (1) member data collected, (2) survey sheet....with...definitions for each Custom Field, and (3) Simple steps to achieve this on a single page...please send me your email address: mine is: colingardner3@gmail.com.
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Re: Talents and Interests survey


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Hi I have just been called as a Ward welfare specialist and if any one as a Talents, Interests,Skills, & Resouces survey template I would appreciate it you can email in Australia on malcolm@mcleancorp.com many thanks Malcolm McLean
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