Windows Mobile 6.5: Ward Tools or Scriptures?

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stirmac wrote:I wish there was something I could do to help, but a programmer I'll never be. Any idea when/if any beta's will be available?
WE would dearly love to say when it will be available but in the last 8 months it has proven it would have been wrong to give an indication in case we came across another hurdle to overcome (and there have been a few).

But be rest assurred that the project is actively being developed. Much research, coding etc has already taken place but as mentioned there is now the UI to work on and it is being worked on.

The iPhone team has done a GREAT job with their application but with the Windows Mobile project there are a number of extras to consider.

One is to try to get away from the "windows look and feel" with tiny buttons and make it more "finger friendly" etc.

Another one is that with Windows Mobile you dont just get one phone, one screen size and one O/S version but multiple versions of O/S, multiple screen sizes, multiple models, multiple default browsers and also having both Pocket PC's, Smartphones etc all with and without wifi, data plans etc.

Taking all this into account and trying to support as many as possible can take up a lot of time. We would therefore want to explore all the options right from the beginning and know what we release is the best we can offer.

I cannot promise we will support all versions of all models but we are certainly working towards trying to do as many as possible.

Be rest assured that there are some great volunteers working on the project and they are all keen to finish it soon.
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Yes, I'm looking for one to go on my new windows mobile phone, but in looking for a up to date one with functionality similar to the iPhone, I stumbled across a few posts mentioning the church was working on one and because of that they have stopped developing it. I was looking more for a Scripture Application not just a reader. It's unfortunate for me that the iPhone is the more popular device recently and in turn I will have to wait for something to come out for Windows Mobile 6.5 (hopefully something that will take advantage of the new functionality). :)
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There has been some activity for the Windows Mobile platform. The following link takes you to the project page where a "developer's" version is available to try. ... ows_Mobile

It addmittedly has some bugs and missing a lot of the hoped for functionality. Where it stands now, it is approaching the same capability as the yanceyware product, but at least there is progress and some indication that the intent is to make it similar in capability to the iphone version.

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