Throttling and simultaneous connections to

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Throttling and simultaneous connections to


Post by hiltonc »

I would like to maximize the throughput of pre-fetching/caching limited amounts of content from, while at the same time being a good citizen. That of course means client-side throttling and limiting the number of simultaneous connections to the website. Does anyone have any experience in this area on the client side, or can anyone working on the server side provide some insight regarding:
  1. What is the fastest a client should send requests to In my experience, waiting one second between connections to results in at least one connection stalling and timing out after 3-5 good connections (which is very expensive to wait for).
  2. What is the maximum number of connections a client should make to at the same time? I understand that the de facto answer to question 2 is 2 simultaneous connections, but it would be good to know whether more is acceptable.
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Post by nicklewis »

I have often used the free version of DAP to tap into 5 connections at once without a problem. I have not seen anything on the web site or in these discussions that limit how many connections you might make. Using an app like DAP is useful when you are downloading the 100+ meg MLS app. A moderator may have a different take on this.
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Post by chchstake-p40 »

I personally use 'DownThemAll' which is a free open source Firefox Browser addon (for PC & Mac) that gives you the ability to have up to 10 simultaneous connections when downloading content from a server. I find this works well when downloading large content from the website.
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Post by mkmurray »

Hilton is looking for how much traffic can handle, and more specifically what the best practice upper limit would be of number of requests and how frequent for a single user. He works with mobile apps and plans to make other mobile apps that may have a need to make requests to in order to "scrape" the information needed from the site and display it in the mobile apps. I'm not sure either of these suggestions would be of any help to a mobile app; it also seems he's looking for policy guidance from developers and maintainers of, rather than a technological solution.
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