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Post by Chrisrpeterson »

That looks promising. But I really like the functionality of the iOS gospel Library and I am hopeful that it can come to Android.
Chris Peterson
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Post by brado426 »

chrisrpeterson wrote:That looks promising. But I really like the functionality of the iOS gospel Library and I am hopeful that it can come to Android.

Of course... I'm just saying that Reveal is a great Android reader until the official one matures a bit.
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Post by AGreenButterfly-p40 »

I love this app. I use it everyday. Could you please add the maps included in the scriptures to this app for WebOS? I'd really appreciate it.
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Post by McDanielCA »

LDS Tools for iPhone/iPad is in the app store now!
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Post by zaneclark »

McDanielCA wrote:LDS Tools for iPhone/iPad is in the app store now!
I just downloaded it for both my iPad and iPhone! I have only used it for about 5 minutes but it seems to have a must faster response than MyStake that I use now.... I will have to examine it a little closer and see exactly what the differences are.. Besides being free!!!
Mark Stewart-p40
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Post by Mark Stewart-p40 »

Downloading now- been hoping for an official app instead of using the 3rd party ones...
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Post by MayaML »

Mormon Channel on iPhone and LDS library on your phone... and stil someone laughs at a stone that got writting on it that JS had ina a hat in order to see better..... SORRY it was too tempting could not resist....
I so admire all the tecnical work you guys do thumbs up for you! (Even if I dont probably understand a bit of it and make stupid mistakes when using it :D)
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Where did the iPhone version go?


Post by danielpurdie »

With the recent update, the Gospel Library for iPhone has disappeared from the Australian iTunes store, yet Gospel Library for iPad is still there.

Was this deliberate?
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Post by Biggles »

I believe they had a major problem with an updated version, at the weekend, that effectively wiped all the data from that particular App. The Iphone/ITouch version has, as far as I can ascertain, been removed World Wide. Don't know about the IPad version though.
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Post by lionelwalters »

Hi there,

I noticed the same thing. It took up to a day from when version 2.0 was available on the US iTunes store for it to appear in the Aus store. There was a bug in 2.0 which apparently has been addressed in version 2.0.1 which I expect should be available before the day is out. Here is the response I had from the developers:
We have resolved the issue that made your content disappear. We're very sorry we caused this and we have two options for you to fix your app.
There is a 2.0.1 release that should show up in the App Store any time now. If you are NOT concerned with losing your annotations and personalizations, please delete the version of the app on your device and get the 2.0.1 release from the store when it shows up. If you ARE concerned with losing your annotations and want to keep them, then please do NOT update your app to the 2.0.1 version. Please be patient as we work on an quick update that should preserve your personalizations.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reply to this email and we'll do what we can to help.
The Mobile Apps Team

Looking forward to playing with the new version!!

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