Problem with using a mixed output from the building PA?

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Problem with using a mixed output from the building PA?


Post by zumakyle »

I'm going to clean up and attach our new Webcast communicator to the system tomorrow and was searching through the forums and haven't noticed many "simple" setups. We have a video camera sending composite video to the rack and we have audio from the PA present there too. Is there any problems, audio wise, to getting all mics already mixed and plugging that into the communicator?

I will be using a mixing board just to equalize and to set level. But everything I can think of, this will be just fine. Our organ is picked up by the podium mic. The choirs mics are on another channel sent to the building amp and they sound good as well.

Thanks for your advice.
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Post by rpyne »

Most often, the mix needed for sound reinforcement (in the chapel) is far different from the mix needed for broadcast because the broadcast does not have the added acoustic elements of the local sound. For example, the organ and choir sound do not need much if any reinforcement in the local chapel but since the acoustic presence is missing in the broadcast location those sound levels will be much lower.

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Post by Aczlan »

Most mixers can run stereo. The building sound is mono, the webcast communicator needs mono sound. Mix the chior/piano mics more to one side than the other, then send the side with more of those mics into the webcast communicator and the side with less into the building sound system.

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Post by michaelfish »

Setting up the webcast is fairly simple. Just plug a composite video and audio feeds into the video and audio inputs (of the capture device or PC), connect to the Internet and that's it!

For audio mixing, if you're already going to be using a mixer, you may consider running an audio line from the organ to your mixer. Most building's organs have an audio line or headphone output you can tap from.

We have found prelude music captured only by microphones and sent to other buildings has more talking than prelude. Sending only raw organ music to other buildings solves background talking problems.
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