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Gospel Library for Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor


Post by roncterry »

Are there plans for offering a version of the Gospel Library for the Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor in the upcoming NOOK App Store?

From what I understand it should be quite easy to port the existing Android app to the NOOKColor with the NOOK SDK.

Though I don't consider myself a developer I am willing to help in this endeavor.

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Post by jasonhyer »

At this time we do not have any team working specifically to support the Nook. There are a couple of options right now that you can try to get Gospel Library on the Nook though.

1st option is to download the apk file for Gospel Library directly and install it on the nook. This can be done from the main Gospel Library wiki page at
I understand that the Nook Color will be getting an Android 2.2 update sometime early this year and it should function much like a tablet. Though we have not yet optimized Gospel Library for tablet use, if an apk file can be installed on it and it can download items from the Internet, Gospel Library for Android should work.

2nd option is to go with the eBook format. You can access the Gospel Library for eBook page at https://tech.lds.org/wiki/Gospel_Library_for_eBooks. This gives instructions on how to download the eBook files and use them on many devices including the Nook.

If there is enough demand, there may be a project created to focus on development for just the Nook but with it being an Android device, it is likely that development will be in conjunction with the Android development of Gospel Library.
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Post by jasoraso »

I have the Nook Color - and the manufacturer does not enable access to install apk files. However, it is relatively easy to root, and Gospel Library runs quite well once the Nook Color is rooted.

My understanding is that B&N plans to have their own app store. At that point it would be nice to have the Gospel Library released on that app store. I don't think it will take much to get it included on the B&N app store. I think the biggest hurdle may be coding a workaround for the lack of hardware buttons (on a rooted NC that is overcome by a program that overlays "soft" buttons on the screen), or by reprogramming the volume keys to "back" and "menu".

I do believe that the Nook Color is uniquely suited as a scripture replacement device, and once the B&N app store is active, would be a GREAT device for Gospel Library to be available on.

One suggestion for a more tablet friendly android app: Tabs - I have seen this mentioned elsewhere, and it would be great to have multiple tabs available for multiple scriptures or manuals. I imagine this would be useful on an Android phone, too, but I think would really be great on a larger device.

- oh, and if someone is looking for a new app idea - I need an app to lock down Angry Birds on my Nook Color between the hours of 1 - 4 pm each Sunday!
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Rooted Nook Color


Post by pauldarr »

I also have a rooted Nook Color. I can verify that Gospel Library does work very well on my Nook and I rate it as my #1 app. Though I do have to tell some members what it is when they see me flipping through my scriptures, manuals. Some thought I was goofing off when I had a huge library of church materials in my hand.
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No text on nook


Post by bellfamily4 »

I just rooted to a honeycomb beta. Gospel Library runs fine, but displays no content in the body section upon navigating to any chapter. This is a problem with some tablets and being worked on. Not to mention being on a beta os doesn't help.
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No Meat in Gospel Library on Nook Color


Post by missmini »

I am running honeycomb beta from an sd card on a nook color. Gospel Library runs fine, but displays no content in the body section upon navigating to any chapter. I understan this may be a problem with some tablets and being worked on, is there a hopeful date for resolution? We love the Gospel Library on the HTC Hero and are excited to have it working on the Nook!
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Post by wong »

I am running Honeycomb preview 4 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=936995) and have the same problem. App installs and runs fine, but there is no text after drilling down to a chapter/talk/hymn. There is no error message, just a blank page.
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Refer to Android 3.0 discussion


Post by jallmitch »

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) does not show the text of the GLA. Check the thread "Android 3.0?" for more information.
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Post by BrumfieldAD »

We have a beta version that displays the text on honeycomb devices now! We have verified on the xoom but not the nook color or any other honeycomb devices. Please let us know if it works.

If you'd like to install it please be aware of a few things.

-This is beta and will change.
-You will probably lose any annotations you make in this version.
-There is no support for migration between pre release versions.
-You will have to manually delete all your content when you install another beta or the final release.

If you are comfortable with these caveats then please download and give us feedback with any problems you find.

1. Manually delete any versions you have previously installed including the one currently available in the market.
2. Connect your device to a computer or use a file browser application and manually delete the Gospel-Library folder on the root of the filesystem (for xoom) or /mnt/sdcard/gospel-library for other devices.
3. Now you can download the apk here and install it.

Please report issues to our project Jira.

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Post by bjcoleman »

I just tried this on my Nook. Initial feedback:

1. I didn't have any files to delete in the location you provided.
2. Installed the APK from my MicroSD card. Install went just fine.
3. The UI is changed quite a bit (guessing because it's just in a test environment right now). The font size is tiny on my Nook for the TOC. When you adjust the font size in the settings it will change the font size for the content but the TOC still remains tiny.
4. You have to download content individually. For example, if you want GC addresses you must go to the GC section and then choose download all. If you were to download everything I'm guessing you will need to initiate 15+ downloads.

Now for the good part ... IT WORKS. Hurray. I can see content on Nook now. No more needing to use my Evo. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just huge. I also noticed that there is much more content available. Many different manuals, more options for GC addresses, etc. Not sure if that will stay in the future versions but it was a nice touch.

I wasn't running HC before simply because of this one application not working right. Glad I decided to check back in and see if there were any recent updates. I'll update this post once I have some time to play around with the app some more.
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