Preparing for the Calendar 2.0 Release

Discussions about the Calendar Tool at Questions about the calendar on the classic site should be posted in the LUWS forum.
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Post by garyknelson »

I am definetley interested, STS, Seattle
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Post by ryanhearn »

Count me in. Stake Clerk in Abalama, I mean Alabama.......
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Post by rem1701e »

I would love to help. Stake Clerk in Idaho
Ray Merritt
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Post by rwach »

I would like to help.
Stake Asst Exec Sec - Vista CA
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Post by mcdonalh »

Bishop - New Zealand
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Post by dannykos »

yes please - bishop in the UK
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Post by kennethjorgensen »

I am interested, admin for both unit and stake in the UK.
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Post by zaneclark »

I'm in.....membership clerk, ward and stake web administrator.....
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Post by jdcr256 »

This is great. I'm excited there are so many who are eager to help us out. It looks like we will definitely have enough participation to be worth our while. We're still working out the details of how to implement a parallel instance of the 2.0 calendar. Additionally, we are still a little fuzzy on when we will be ready to put a build into a sandbox environment. Watch for a new thread on the forum sometime in the next two weeks (hopefully) to officially announce the program and explain how it will be set up. I'll also explain at that time how to get access to the server, and what we will be doing to provide a line of communication to report issues.
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Post by erikdun1 »

I would like to try this and get a head start on the new calendar. STS CO.

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