Preparing for the Calendar 2.0 Release

Discussions about the Calendar Tool at Questions about the calendar on the classic site should be posted in the LUWS forum.
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Post by preston.baxter »

I'm executive secretary to our bishop. Our stake executive secretary has made me an admin on stake-level calendars too.
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Post by margiestroble »

I would be happy to participate.

I am the Ward Webpage Administrator, the Stake Webpage Administrator and the Stake Center Building Scheduler in the Milwaukee Wisconsin South Stake.
Margie Stroble
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Count me in...


Post by jegbert »

Stake Clerk of Tech, Stake Web Admin, Ward Web Admin, Utah.
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Interested in Calendar 2.0 release


Post by jbowne »

2nd counselor Stake Presidency - Kansas City, MO Stake
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Sign me up


Post by elesel »

In the stake executive secretary for the Columbia Maryland Stake. Please sign me up to kick the tires!
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Post by allenjpl »

butt't Clerk over Finances in Nevada. I'd be happy to play in the sandbox and kick some tires! :)
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Count me in


Post by rickdez »

Stake Clerk and STS in Orange CA
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definitely interested


Post by danielcannonstevens »

I'm assistant executive secretary in the Hillsboro, Oregon Stake and would like to be involved.

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Post by kmertlich »

Definitely interested! Stake Clerk – Layton, Utah.

This will give me a head start in updating the training material that will be used for the our Stake Council, Unit Clerks, Web Administrators, Building Schedulers, etc…
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Post by clintonkopotic »

I'm interested to help where I can. I'm the STS here in El Cajon, CA and travel frequently across lots of time zones.

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