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New Bishop


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I am the stake clerk. Through MLS, I tried to update the ward's new bishopric, but I do not see how to make the changes. Can you baby-talk me through the process.

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Michael Klobas
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New Bishop


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Let the ward update it thru their callings.
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Top level positions are done by the stake using the Unit and Leader Change Request
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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The Bishop only is done from the stake level using the Unit and Leader Change Request and the councilors are done at the ward level like any other calling.
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poultier wrote:Let the ward update it thru their callings.
While the ward can change the name of the bishop in the ward MLS it is only temporary and it will not propagate through the system to update Church records or the CDOL. As RussellHltn states the LUCR must be used for certain top leader, or tier 1, positions of which the bishop is one. The councilors are tier 2 and can be updated using ward MLS.
mklobaas wrote:Can you baby-talk me through the process.
Find the MLS LUCR at Other Resources > Leader and Unit Change Request > Ward Leader and Unit Change Request.
JD Lessley
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