Urgent Help and/or advice needed

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Urgent Help and/or advice needed


Post by jbhargra »

I have been a clerk off and on for 14 years and I have never seen our other accounts as messed up as they are currently since the software update last month.
We have several YM going to Philmont next Summer and they had to submit partial payment in 2010 and then this year. SLC unapplied all the back dated transactions we did and I understand the reason but it appears that they even unapplied the payments we made.
We set up individual accounts for each YM and then a Philmont account.
When a YM paid we put the funds they paid in their account. Then when Philmont needed to be paid we simply transferred the funds from each YM account to the Philmont account and wrote the check out of the Philmont account. Confused yet?:confused:
I called SLC and they told me basically that after Dec 31 everything should 0 out that they did in Oct and the accurate amounts should be reflected again?
Obviously I like my membership and so does my Bishop and we do not want to fail audit due to this. I am worried that things are worse that they let me believe due to rollover balances on other. Normally we have other zeroed out at the end of each year but with Philmont we could not do this as their are 3 payments over a two year period required.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by aebrown »

jbhargra wrote:SLC unapplied all the back dated transactions we did and I understand the reason but it appears that they even unapplied the payments we made.

In my experience, Church headquarters did not "unapply" any back dated transactions. Instead, they changed the date from the transaction date you originally entered to the "posted date." That change in dates may cause many transactions to disappear from reports that have a date range, but then they should now be appearing on a different date range. So these transactions may not appear where you expect them to be, but they should still be in the system.

To track them down, it may help to run an Income and Expense detail report for the categories in question with a date range of "All"; I'm guessing that there aren't very many transactions in any of these categories, so you should then be able to tell where the transactions ended up.

In particular, I find it really hard to believe that any payments (made by check, I presume) would be completely gone from the system. You should be able to find the checks by reference number (check number) in the View/Update Expenses screen and look at the details to see what the date, category, and amounts are as of now.

This can be some tedious detective work, but hopefully those are some hints that may help you sort this out.
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Post by atticusewig »

Another thing to do is to print donation statements (for 2010) for the boys who paid in 2010.
The reason would be that when the 2010 transition to CUBS occurred, all specific
other accounts like Other: Joe Blow Philmont had their transactions recategorized
to a generic Other account, which is how CHQ saw things back then. Because the
payments into Philmont are probably in a specific increment (say $200, for example),
the transaction will show on the donor statement as $200 Other (the generic Other) Jun 6, 2010 for example,
but won't show in the OT:Philmont or OT:Joe Blow Philmont detail reports.
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Post by crislapi »

I would agree with what you were told by CHQ. Right after these changes were made, I started getting anxious about how my accounts changed (see this thread). In the end, nothing has actually changed. All that has happened is that any back-dated transfers and category adjustments you had made in 2011 on old transactions (2010 or earlier) now appear on your reports. Nothing has been undone, and nothing has changed. Yes, it looks very different, but the money is still where you think it is, and the actual balance is the same. Consider running your reports using a date range of "Current Month" or "Previous Month". I have found that helps clarify what the actual balances are in my accounts. In either case, I have found that the ending balance is correct for any date range, but the balance forward, income and transfers amounts change depending on what it is.

Once next year rolls around, all those transactions, etc will no longer clutter your reports when run for the current year. It will be much cleaner and easier to see what the current year balance forward, income, expenses and transfer amounts actually are.
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Post by jbhargra »

Thanks so much. I think I can take a little of all the replies above and use them to find where we are.
thanks again
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