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Workaround limitations


Post by schelasin »

lajackson wrote:Brilliant workaround. Glad you discovered it. And you can start vertical, flip to horizontal, and back to vertical again if you prefer that format. Once you flip the first time, the resulting download and display works just fine. (Except for the wide margins.)

It must be a problem with the initial load from the menu that goes away with the flip.

Ok. I am temporarily happy again. I can even access the latest conference talks and the new George Albert Smith lesson manual.

Unfortunately, the workaround does not affect the footnotes pane, so the footnotes are still showing as overlapping text, no matter which direction you flip the screen.
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Post by doncolton »

zythra wrote:I've had the same problem. I removed the app and reinstalled it with no luck. I did however find a work around that worked for me. If you rotate your device from vertical to horizontal so that it flips the text it actually corrects itself. Same for flipping from horizontal to vertical. This won't work if you have rotation lock on.

Hope this helps someone or maybe at least helps debug the problem.

BLESS YOU! This rotate trick works for me too. I was really frustrated and depressed before finding your work-around. Life is good again :-)
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Post by zythra »

doncolton wrote:BLESS YOU! This rotate trick works for me too. I was really frustrated and depressed before finding your work-around. Life is good again :-)

I'm glad it's been helpful, I was pretty thrilled with it as well! ;-)
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Post by philscoville »

Same problem. It seems there used to be this option. I love to take advantage of the real estate so as to have to move my thumb the least amount of times.
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Post by jb597 »

I am having this same problem and utilize the same fix. Are they aware of the problem. Yes it works to rotate the text, but is annoying to have to do so every time I want to read the scriptures. I would also like to read the footnotes.
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Follow up on margins


Post by p_niebuhr »

I would like to know if there is any follow up on the margin size? I too don't like the large empty space and would like to know if that will be addressed in a future update.
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Post by lajackson »

I just downloaded version 2.4.1 and the display workaround is no longer needed. My compliments to the chef.

I am not sure, but I even think the margins are a little smaller, although I was not that much bothered about it in the first place.

Thank you for taking care of the old 2G iPad Touch folk. We appreciate it.
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