add class not working

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add class not working


Post by dwsmith2 »

I clicked on Administration, then Add Class. I filled out the Class/Course Name ("Sunday School Test"), selected "Book of Mormon: Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual" for the manual, selected "Sunday School" as the auxiliary, skipped changing everything else, then I pressed Save. Nothing happened.
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Post by jmessinger »

Same thing here. Tried it in three different browsers - Firefox, Chrome and IE, just in case it was something strange about any one of them, and it worked in none of them. If you attempt to navigate away from the page, a dialog appears stating there are unsaved changes and to click OK to save them. Did that, and received feedback that the class was saved, but it does not appear in the list and does not appear to have been saved at all.
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Post by gregwanderson »

Same for me trying to add the Gospel Doctrine class. Creating the Elders Quorum class worked, however.
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add class not working


Post by udoseng »

Same with others. I tried adding classes the first addition worked ok but after that it just stuck...:(
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Post by ckellsworth »

see this thread here don't touch the "Auxiliary" section.
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