Getting started with Webcast - challenges and solutions

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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michaelfish wrote:The EVI-D70 is the best solution for a camera that I can think of. It is small, has very good picture quality, great zoom (18x optical), it is relatively inexpensive, can be mounted upside down, can store 6 camera angles with their zoom and focus settings and it takes only a second to recall/position a preset, the included I/R remote can set and recall the 6 presets as well as control pan, tilt, zoom and focus. Almost every function of the camera can be controlled remotely with a computer and free software, and the computer (or controller) can be as far away as 4,000 feet, etc. I think it is the perfect solution for a Stake Conference camera.

I agree that the cameras are the best option. We recently bought two d70's and the Sony Controller. The controller was pricey, but offers much fine zoom/pan control. We ran cat cat-5 from the camera's back to the control in our command center back in the library. We are no longer a distraction in the Chapel/Gym.
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