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Scout Trailer


Post by bronsonc »

Is there anything special that i need to know before purchasing a scout trailer for our troop? people have donated the money and it is in the "other account". I havent been able to find any information on this in the handbooks. How should it be regestered and titled
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Post by russellhltn »

There was a discussion in the Ward vehicles. The current Handbook hasn't made anything any clearer.

The best advice I can suggest is to check with the priesthood leadership. If the bishop has questions, he can ask the stake president. If the stake president has questions, he can turn to CHQ or the area authority.
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Re: Scout Trailer


Post by nbarss »

Each ward in our stake has a scout trailer. In the past each trailer has been registered in the name of the bishop. Although it has not been a problem yet, I can foresee an issue if the Bishop moves away and can no longer transfer title into the new Bishop's name. For this reason we've instructed each ward to register the trailers in the name of the ward, with the Bishop signing as an authorized representative of the ward. This has worked nicely for us in Utah. Also, because it's registered to a non-profit entity, I believe the registration fee is lower.
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Re: Scout Trailer


Post by quandmeme »

I just got off the phone with LDS Fleet Services. Now knowing that there is such a thing, I suggest that units call them (via Global Service Center) with questions about vehicles.

The answer for our ward trailer is that it should be titled:

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Corp Pres Bishop Church of Jesus Christ
The address for the notices should be in the unit not headquarters.
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