Training for Clerks

Discuss basic duties of stake and ward clerks, including where to begin.
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Training for Clerks


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i am district clerk in nigeria and been a clerk have not been an easy one and we need to understand the roll of a clerk and training with the branch clerks under you, i am trying to see things done in the lords way

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Training for Clerks


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There are lessons at,17884,6085-1,00.html that explain much about the role of the clerk and the various functions. There are also lessons that define the leaders' role in record keeping. The lessons are a bit outdated but the principles are still correct. Best of luck and blessing in your calling.
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nwosuac wrote:i am trying to see things done in the lords way
And that is an excellent attitude to start with!

Welcome to the Forum! With the other advice to go over the clerk training, I would add to read your Handbooks from cover to cover, but for the clerk information, read here:

Handbook 2, Section 4.6.4 Responsibilities of the Ward Clerk, and Handbook 1, 13.4.2.
Handbook 2, section 15 Stake organization, and Handbook 1, 13.3.2 through 13.3.4 for the stake clerk responsibilities.

While we are in a stake / ward situation, and there may be some differences as you are functioning as a district clerk, I would assume most principles would apply. Your local region leaders may point out any differences. The wiki here has much more information if you search for specific questions.
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