Calling Salt Lake With Check Info

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Calling Salt Lake With Check Info


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So I called Salt Lake Monday morning with information on checks our ward had written Sunday but could not transmit due to an "error 4" message which kept us offline all day. When I got through to the financial department I was told that we do not have to call in if this happens again. According to the financial person I talked to we just need to make sure everything is entered into MLS and then transmit as soon as we can get our computer back up and running again. She said they were getting to much duplication into their system by recording check info phoned in from clerks, and then having that same information transmitted into their system again in a day or two. She said the Church would cover all checks written. One less thing to worry about the next time the computer won't cooperate Sunday morning.

Now if I can just figure out how to fix my "error 4" problem...
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You didn't happen to have a finance fix from SLC around this same time did you? I had a unit where SLC did this, arranged a time to send down a setup file to fix something, and after whatever was done, I had an error 4...

Call Local Unit Support (GSC) and get them to reset the security on your MLS system.
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