Missions and Dates

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Missions and Dates


Post by chborup »

Is there a way to find out in MLS which mission and the dates of service for the returned missionaries in our ward?
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Post by davesudweeks »

I'm not in front of MLS right now, but I think you can only see mission country and language.
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Post by lajackson »

davesudweeks wrote:I'm not in front of MLS right now, but I think you can only see mission country and language.

That is correct. No dates, no specific missions. United States, English. France, French. Mexico, Spanish. Etc.

You will get United States, Spanish where something like that applies. So MLS is still an excellent tool when you are looking for a Spanish speaking member for a particular calling, for example.
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Post by benjamincarleski »

You can contact the missionary department. If you are a clerk, you can lookup the contact information in CDOL. Otherwise you can work with your ward clerk to get the information you need.

I needed to lookup missionaries serving from our ward for the past 15 years, and they were able to provide the list within a few weeks. There were some minor issues, more results we weren't expecting (both missing and extra) because their records are based on the ward returned to, not the one left from. Still, between that and recollections of ward members we were able to get most of it pieced together.
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