Old Calendars still active

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Old Calendars still active


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I was notified by email this morning that a new calendar submission had been made. It was for a wedding reception and they used the old, now retired, ward and stake resource calendar.

When I checked on this I found 46 pending submissions. There were wedding receptions, baptisms, family parties, etc. Most of these events took place in the past. If this is a church wide issue the problems could be massive.

What if there was a conflict for a wedding reception and the family found out the day of the reception after spending over $1,000 on invitations? How would they know there was a conflict before that? (Pure accident in my estimation.) Somebody would be very angry and for good reason. People have gone inactive or left the church over scheduling issues.

Is there a way to turn off the old calendars?
If not the church needs to add this capability ASAP
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Post by aebrown »

prstone wrote:Is there a way to turn off the old calendars?

Yes, for at least a couple of years the Church has provided a way to turn off the old calendars. A stake administrator for the Classic calendar can choose an option that will cause any calendar links in the old system to redirect to the new calendar. See Turn Off the Classic Calendar for details.
prstone wrote:How would they know there was a conflict before that? (Pure accident in my estimation.)
Although I appreciate your concern, in the old system, members could simply submit requests. Until those requests were approved, they had no reservation, and they would have been foolish to rely on an unconfirmed request.

But I certainly agree that it is confusing to have two systems seemingly active at the same time. That is why the ability to turn off the Classic calendar was provided. Hopefully you'll be able to pass on that link to your stake administrator (your stake clerk can certainly do this or will know who can) so that your stake members will no longer be confused.
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