Procedures for new unit creation

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Procedures for new unit creation


Post by lorraine1950 »

I'm the Stake butt't Clerk for Technology. Our Stake recently received approval from CHQ to create a new unit. The Stake President asked me to get the computer, monitor, etc. the new unit needs and install it in the new clerk's office in time for their organization and first Sunday. I contacted the FM group and asked them to provide the equipment, they said OK. But now they say the new unit is not in MLS, so they can't get equipment or do purchase or work orders for furniture, installing counters and cabinets, etc. for the new unit.
How do we put the new unit into MLS without the new unit's computer? Seems like a catch-22 to me. The new unit will be organized on October 14, so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Post by russellhltn »

I don't think it's MLS that has to be set up but another church database.

I'd suggest having the stake president work with FM group directly to resolve the issue. They tend to be more responsive to what he says. If a step is left out, then it's probably paper work he needs to do.

Note that the new unit won't be completely set up until the new Bishop (or Branch President) is sustained. As such, I don't think they'll be ready to go that first Sunday as all the things needed to make MLS work won't be ready until the paperwork is faxed back to CHQ.
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Post by johnshaw »

After the Boundary Application is approved, the Church waits until notified (by the Stake) that the Stake has completed the unit organization (sustaining vote of the members). Once that happens, the Church will input the needed information into the correct solutions. Do a Search for your Stake (Https://, then look under Associated Organizations -- Child to determine if the new unit has shown up. If not, your Stake Clerk will need to get with the Boundary people and let them know the correct date.

There are times when a Stake President will ask for something to be done that isn't possible, and we just need to go back to them and let them know, and there are also times when the FMG is just being a bit obstinant about their interactions. I'm sure there is a way to order A new computer for the stake, replacement, etc... but then transfer the asset to another unit, something like that. It might be a bit harder, but it seems strange that it can't be done at all.

It is often a good idea to create units the week before a stake conference or general conference which gives the unit a couple of weeks to get organized prior to their meeting the first time, and gives the systems at the church enough time to process everything and FMG to arrange for items you've mentioned.
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Post by lorraine1950 »

Thank you both for the info.
I will work with the Stake Pres. and our PFR as well as the FMG much better now that I know more what I'm talking about.
The new unit will be organized the 14th Oct. and their first meeting will be 21 Oct, that's already set. But we still have time to work out details.
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Post by lajackson »

EDDIEDOW wrote:Our Stake recently received approval from CHQ to create a new unit.

Congratulations. This is an exciting time.

When a new unit is authorized by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, the information is entered into CDOL, but is not made generally visible. Church Headquarters will wait until they receive the report from the stake president that the new bishop has been ordained and set apart. I recommend that your stake president plan to fax that information to the Church on the Sunday afternoon, or first thing Monday morning.

When the Church receives it, they will verify that the bishop was approved, will enter his personal information into CDOL, and will then make the unit visible. Everything else happens after that.

If the FM group is not able to get a computer right away, you can load the new unit on an existing administrative computer in the same building, and then move it when the new computer arrives. If FM will get you the computer within the first two weeks after the unit is organized, I would not bother. You probably will not be doing finances in the new unit for a couple of weeks after the 14th.

If the report of the bishop's ordination and setting apart is promptly made, the new ward will be able to get membership record information around the middle of the first week. The former unit(s) should plan to use the Boundary Change section of MLS to send the records being transferred on Sunday right after the division takes place, and the new unit will be able to pick them up shortly after the unit is activated in the next few days and if they are set up with MLS on an administrative computer.

If the new ward is created on the 14th, they probably will not be able to make a deposit on the 21st because they will still be waiting for checks, stamps, deposit slips, and those other financial things that will be sent to the new bishop at his address as reported by the stake when he is set apart. Headquarters will also need to know (after the 14th) which bank will be used for the deposit. We instruct our new bishops to have their members give their donations to their former ward for a week or two until the new unit is up and running financially.

The FM group is correct that they cannot order anything for the new unit until it is in the system. Let them know the date the stake president plans to create the unit. They may have some advance insight as soon as the departments at headquarters start loading in the new unit number and unit information, even though it will not go public on the CDOL until actual creation. And even if they cannot order the computer until the next day, our FM group has gotten a computer here in just a few days with proper advanced coordination.

Your stake president probably found out about the approval around the same time as many of the departments at Church Headquarters, (except for the one that actually assigns the unit number). They will be working quickly behind the scenes to get everything set up so that the unit can be activated once the stake president notifies them of the change.
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