Localization Problems with Dates (also exists in production)

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Localization Problems with Dates (also exists in production)


Post by mevans »

I was trying to research the problem about classes being lost when changing languages and noticed some other localization problems.

I know the language support just went out, so hopefully here's the place to address any issues in production as well as in release candidate. If not, I can move to the other forum.

What I've noticed while changing languages is that the date on the week view is always in English. (i.e., it says "Sunday, December 09, 2013" rather than putting the date in the chosen language.)

English months also appear on the "View Year" view for lessons and for the Add Event screen.

English dates also appear Add/Edit Class: If you choose "other" for the class duration, the date picker for the start date is always in English.

The behavior in production and in rclesson appears to be the same.
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Post by lisaan »

Thanks for catching this. I've written up the issues for inclusion in a future version (and translation) of Lesson (Reference 415, 416, 417).
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