Nonmember Spouse Maiden Name

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Nonmember Spouse Maiden Name


Post by greggo »

I have been reviewing the website directory export file and found inconsistent data that I haven't been able to explain (I suspect the data on the website itself shows the same, but I haven't thoroughly reviewed that).

In cases where the wife of a member is a nonmember, it sometimes lists the spouse's maiden name and sometimes the married name. It should always be one or the other to be consistent. In a few cases I discovered that the spouse's married name is inappropriately listed on the member's MLS record, but even if the maiden name is appropriately recorded, sometimes the married name is what shows in the website export file.

Can anyone explain this?
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Re: Nonmember Spouse Maiden Name


Post by russellhltn »

Something else to look at: Make sure the spouse is showing as "spouse" and not as "other" (Children). If the marriage information doesn't match up with the records, then the spouse will be "other"

Second, I'd check to see if there is a MLS record for non-member or if the directory system decided on it's own to display the record.

Looking at those two things might help you narrow down the "when".
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