Forking (splitting) Off-topic Threads

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Forking (splitting) Off-topic Threads


Post by atticusewig »

Okay, just wanted to ask about the following scenario:

Let's say that someone creates a thread about some
topic - say "Open-sourcing MLS" - and the replies
seem to be staying on topic then WHAM ! It becomes
about geocodes and that is way popular, and there
are many replies; Which is great. My question is:

Is there a way to go to the point when the topic
of that thread split into something radically different,
and make everything after that point a new thread,
so people who are really interested in the new topic
will be able to find it, should they join late in the game ?

If so, is that something the Thread Creator needs to
take care of, or does it require moderator or admin
access ?

Finally, is there currently a moderator who handles these
types of issues specifically - a managing editor, so to
speak - that is more interested in grouping content
into the proper threads, than worrying about if
the content follows community guidelines ?

This scenario isn't as hypothetical as it sounds.

Atticus Ewig
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Post by barkeraj »

Yes it can be done... but you have to select post by post which ones to split which can be tedious. It is best to just keep things on topic from the start, but we all know that isn't always possible.

It can only be done by moderators and admins.
Aaron Barker
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Post by thedqs »

If you see a thread and messages that you think need to be split, send a PM to tomw, mkmurray, or myself and we'll take a look at it.
- David
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