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tomw wrote:
The Earl wrote:Can we get some of this posted to a Sticky or FAQ type post? It seems we hash this about once a quarter or so. There is a FAQ link at the top, but those are all vBulletin topics. There are a few other topics that should be stuck in an FAQ type document too. Some of the current discussions at the STS / Clerk level come to mind.

The Earl

Good idea. Recommendations on how to "gather the list" of posts?

I moved this to a new thread in a new area. See the old thread at:
http://tech.churchofjesuschrist.org/for ... .php?t=974

Ideally, there would be an FAQ wiki where we could reference existing threads, edit the text of the FAQ entry, and discuss changes. I guess for the most part, this would look somewhat like the translation app discussed elsewhere.

As an interim, we could 'mark' posts somewhat like 'reporting' posts. That would allow a moderator to copy / move the post to an FAQ area, or the FAQ itself.

Just creating an FAQ area would allow posts to that area, or move / copy to that area. You could even create a private FAQ area for moderators where you would further refine FAQ posts.

Published FAQ probably works best as a locked forum, like the announcement forum, or 'sticky' posts at the top of forums for more specific topics.

My favorite idea for publishing a FAQ are entries in the announcement forum for more general entries like "Linux for .*'. Sticky posts for things like 'Where is the form for .*' in the appropriate section work better for more specific things, and an FAQ button like the Post Reporting icon. I would also build an FAQ section for moderators to discuss and refine FAQ entries.

I am not as sold on the public FAQ area. It seems it would digress into policy discussions. It would also make it hard to find entries specific to your question, and bury the important info into the middle or bottom of the thread, rather than the top where it would be most useful.
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