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Mobi Pocket Reader


Post by KeithWilson »

Does anyone know when/where the George Albert Smith Mobi version will be available to download?

Is this supported anymore?

I have a blackberry with no data plan, and I have obtained all the other documents from the classic site, but it appears they have been all pulled. A search of mobi pocket ready comes up with nothing.

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Post by TimRiker »

I don't know who maintains the handheld site. I've converted the msreader .lit files over to .mobi for use on a Kindle. The msreader files seem to still get updates. Alas, I don't see a version of George Albert Smith anywhere. ... -2,00.html ... -2,00.html

There is an ePub version on here:

And you could use Calibre to convert it to .mobi

Good luck!
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Post by Paulbb1 »

Calibre converts the ePub file to mobi just fine. Thanks.
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