Previous Year Remaining Budget Not Equal to Balance Forward

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Previous Year Remaining Budget Not Equal to Balance Forward


Post by storrie »

Hello all. We are a little behind the ball and are still trying to figure out our Q1 budget allocations. The main confusion point we are running into is that our remaining total budget amount from 2011 does not match the "Balance Forward" line amount on the 2012 budget.

The "Balance Forward" amount is actually larger than the previous year remaining balance (by ~$37). We can't seem to figure out why the two numbers don't match.

Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Post by aebrown »

I'm not sure why there would be a difference, but I certainly wouldn't let a small number like $37 stop me from moving forward with the budgeting process -- you really should have mostly completed the process before the year even started. I'd recommend that you simply use the 2012 figures with the Balance Forward; you don't have much choice, anyway.

I'm confident that if you diligently examine all the relevant transactions that you could eventually figure it out, but I doubt that $37 is worth the time it could take.
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