Problems Creating Events / iOS Compatibility

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Problems Creating Events / iOS Compatibility


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I have been trying to create events such as Stake Conference in the Beta Lesson Scheduler today, so the schedule will adjust the lessons for the year.

I have no problem creating the events and they seem to save ok and appear on the events page. however when I click on a class and view the schedule for the year the events don't appear in the class's year view (the class has been selected to be replaced). Then when I go back to the events page to check the class is still there, it is but when I click on the edit but no information is populated in any of the fields. if I sign out and back in the class is gone.

I'm viewing the calendar in Safari 5.1.3. I've also tried viewing the schedule on my iPad running iOS 5 and some of the links won't work ie edit buttons, create new event etc I hope this is fixed so it works on iOS as a growing number of people access the Church's websites on iPads and iPhones. At a recent coordinating council meeting, every general authority and stake president in attendance had an iPad so the demand is definitely there for these site to work on iOS.
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