Allow HTML options for news and information articles

The Newsletter application will eventually appear alongside Calendar, Directory, and Maps
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Allow HTML options for news and information articles


Post by dstorry »

I was just trying to use basic HTML code while editing or creating the news and information at both Stake and ward level and cannot get the system to acknowledge any of the basic HTML codes we used to use in classic website.

Will this be an option that will be allowed in a future update?????
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Post by AileneRHerrick »

I would like to see this feature too. The newsletter does not put the line breaks where I want them and will only create new paragraphs. That could easily be remedied for me if I were able to use some basic HTML.
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Post by dr_computer »

I would too. When copying a list the document runs lists together in a string after a paste and requires a return to separate each one. Block Quote would help this so the list read the same as the original copy.
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Post by johnshaw »

I would love the ability to embed a google form as well
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