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Actions Button


Post by lajackson »

In the Leader resources area, when I call up the Member List, there is a button called "Actions" just below the drop down box where I can select the ward I wish to view.

What is it supposed to do?

When I click on it, I get a very small box (about 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch high) just below the button, but nothing else.

I am running FF 10.0.2 on Win XP Pro SP3.

Perhaps it does things I am not authorized to do, so the button is not hidden, it just does not display any options in the menu for me?

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Post by jdlessley »

I presume that it is calling based since I get at least one item, "Print Individual Ordinance Summaries" as an assistant clerk. I am running FF 10.0.2 on Win XP Pro SP3. If you're not getting any action item for your calling then the button may not be removed/disabled/hidden for those who have no action items.
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Post by dannykos »

I get "Print Individual IOS" - and I also get "Print Member Records"
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Post by PartridgeRM »

We have fixed this bug in our next release. If you don't have rights to print IOS or Membership Records then you won't see the button.
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