applications for java phones

Any discussions around the Gospel Library App on various mobile and electronic devices.
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applications for java phones


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My Phone is an ordinary looking but can receive Java applications so ive search through the web an ive able to download an application which runs on java ( the mobipocket reader )after i downloaded the reader ive started to download ebooks with mobi file type at LDSTECH and it was very successful and all the ebooks has a link to table of contents and it can open very quickly without delay and you can even make a bookmark and can highlight a particular verses with your choice colors. now my ordinary phone has all the manuals, Scriptures and even hymnbook.
In the LDSTECH mobi file type manuals and sciptures are available but not all of them. so ive visited the classic and entered the media formats and click files for handheld devices and started to download the eReader ebooks since the eReader ebooks has differrent file type than mobi so ive converted the file into mobi so that it can be read by my mobipocket reader and it was coverted successfully through online convert- a free conversion on the web. now i am very thankful that my ordinary phone is now a library.thank you very much for the projects you did LDSTECH!
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