captive portal/LDSAccount authentication

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captive portal/LDSAccount authentication


Post by mdshaw »

I'm new to this form. What is captive portal/LDSAccount authentication and how can this help me with my Stake WIFI to keep in under control?
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Post by sammythesm »

Captive Portal WiFi is where you allow wireless clients to associate to your access point, but you prevent them from passing traffic (browsing the web) until they authenticate using credentials or accept some kind of usage agreement. Most people experience a 'captive portal' when they are in a hotel, airport, or restaurant. You are usually required to put in an access code, pay for your internet use, or accept some kind of free use agreement.

The church is getting ready to roll this solution out to meetinghouses who have routers and access points that support it. The members will be required to enter their LDSAccount credentials before being able to browse the internet using the church's connection. This will provide more accountability and granular control.

The following details were mentioned in today's LDS Tech conference:
- there is a pilot program which is about to start for 50 sites using this new system.
- authentication will be required on all connections (wired or wireless)
- there is a new "technology manager" website which will give some visibility/control to stake technology specialists
- church leaders will be able to have some control over whether users can use the internet (specifically, it was mentioned that Bishops will be able to blacklist a LDSAccount from authenticating)

Other than that, there's not been an official announcement or anything - but there has been plenty of speculation on the forum. :)
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