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We need your help!


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We are looking for those of you who would like to help be moderators on this forum. Even if you do not want to be a moderator, I still recommend that you read this post.

What does it mean to be a moderator? Below are some basic duties.
  • You need to read every single post within the forums you are assigned to moderate.
  • You need to check for inappropriate content in the forums.
  • You need to check peoples avatars and profile pictures for inappropriate content. This includes copyright infringement issues. For example, if I use a logo of a company in my avatar, that could be a copyright infringement.
  • You need to check links in posts, profiles, etc. to ensure that they go to appropriate content. We do not want any links submitted that go directly to files. Only links to web pages (where a file may reside) will be accepted.
  • Understand the forum rules and regulations found in the community guidelines section of our web site. Refer people to these often.
  • Have a good understanding how to use the forum software so that you can help others operate the software and find the information they are looking for.
  • When you find offending posts, you are to remove or alter them to bring them into compliance. You also need to educate others about proper content (either through private message or by a post).
What constitutes proper content vs inappropriate content on these forums? The most difficult part of the job is in deciding when a post crosses the line. Here are some guidelines.
  • The purpose of these forums is to engage in LDS based technology discussions. That is the guiding rule. Any discussions outside of that should be removed.
  • No argumentative discussions. We can have a positive debate around a topic but arguing should not be tolerated.
  • No discussions around Church policy, even if it involves technology, is allowed. For example, this type of post should not be allowed:

    Why doesn't the Church allow us to have individual web sites for our ward? I think we could blah blah blah if only we could have our own ward web site.

    If the Church has a policy about a particular technology or issue, please talk with your ecclesiastical leaders about it, not on these open forums.
  • These forums are NOT to be a place for people to grip about issues, even technology ones. We are constantly counciled by our Prophet that we are to be optimistic and to be of good cheer. Picture in your mind what you would think, as a new member or non-member, if you were to read forum posts where people complain, tear down, and grip about issues within the Church. We all have faults and we all have things we wish were different. These forums are to discuss and share ideas to help people. This bullet point is the very toughest one to monitor. Lean towards the conservative.
  • No discussions around any religious principles or people. We can talk about the technical aspects but we should not talk specifically about things we hold as sacred.
  • No company or product debates or discussions that are not absolutely relevant to a technology discussion. (i.e., Linux vs Microsoft Windows).
  • No legal discussions. Leave that to the lawyers.
  • Joking should be kept to an absolute minimum. Remember that this forum can be used world wide. People from all cultures and backgrounds will read posts. What to you may be a funny joke may be offensive to others.
  • No slang. The obvious swear words should never be tolerated but there are also words which are "technically" not considered swear words that imply the same meaning. Words that to you are not offensive, may be to others.
As a moderator, what SHOULD I do and what is expected of me?
  • You are a leader within the forums. Others will look up to you (by looking at your posts). Keep respectful at all times. When issues need to be dealt with, do so in a respectful and courteous way.
  • You need to check into the forums on a very regular basis. Ideally at least once per day and more if possible to moderate the conversations. Obviously we expect you to have a life outside of the forums so if you are going to be gone from your computer for an extended amount of time, please let other moderators know so we could pick up your work.
  • Have fun! Share your love for technology and your enthusiasm for these forums!
  • Spread the word! Let others know about this site so that they can benefit as well.
  • This is NOT a Church calling. Don't neglect your family, work, school or church responsibilities while helping out on these forums.
If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please private message me. Tell my why you would like to moderate and if you have any specific areas you have interest in. We will do some background checking on your previous forum activity so that we can ensure that we get the very best people to help us out.

Thanks for your help!

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