Bolting on a BugTracker ?

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Bolting on a BugTracker ?


Post by atticusewig »

If this site's goal is to foster a relationship between the
community and Church Devolpment teams, are there any
plans to one day bolt on a Bug Tracking System to this
website, so members can submit bugs and see which
ones the Developers are currently fixing ?

Another use of a BugTracker would be to have a
central place to report bugs on community projects
and links to where they can be found. There are
quite a few of lds projects out there scattered on
individuals websites.

While a for LDS projects might be off
in the future, a bugtracker attached to this website
could at least point to where they are housed and
allow developers (Church and Community) to Collaborate
to produce some truly amazing software.

Atticus Ewig
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Post by thedqs »

I also agree that a bug-tracker for church sponsered software would be useful, since there are times that the software breaks, but no one to report it to.
- David
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Post by WelchTC »

We have discussed it. We have a lot of work to do internally before that could happen Policy, security, ownership issues top the list of items that have to be determined.

Good suggestion, however, and something I'm supportive of.

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