My Study Notebook Question

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My Study Notebook Question


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I have been contemplating moving my scripture/gospel study to the web using "My Study Notebook." I have been playing with it to see if it is something that would work for me. In playing around with it today, I messed something up that I want to undo, but can not figure out how. Hoping that someone smarter than me might be able to offer some help.
In opening the seminary/institute manuals the black tool bar is at the bottom that allows for bookmarking, etc. into "My Study Notebook." However when I opened up the BofM institute manual a pop-up opened that said something like.... "You cannot view all of the material, would you like to open in Adobe pdf reader?" I clicked on yes. It then asked if I wanted to "always open with Adobe." I also answered yes. I did not know that the bookmarking and all of the "My Study Notebook" features would then not work. It still let's me open all the other manual, etc. in or whereever, but if I try to open up the BofM institute manual it continues to pull it up in Adobe. I have tried everything I can think of to figure out how to reverse the "always open in adobe" command, but no luck. Is this reversible??
Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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