How remove non-member spouse's name from directory?

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How remove non-member spouse's name from directory?


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My spouse is not a member and unhappy that her name appears under my Household in the directory of She wants her name removed and/or changed to reflect something other than her name (e.g. "non-member"). My ward clerk has called Salt Lake numerous times and had her link to me removed in MLS (if I understand correctly), but her name remains on the website. Nobody seems to know how to remove her name or change it to some non-identifying term, or they simply say it can't be done. This problem is causing stress in my marriage and I am at my wit's end. Can somebody please tell me how to make this happen? (And please don't say "make a 'special request' via MLS" because that does not work - tried it twice now.) I'd appreciate any guidance someone might have. :confused:
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I'd suggest reading this thread starting with the post from kteubank, a church employee. You may have to bug LUS a bit. I'm not sure as they realize they have the power do something about it. Short of divorcing your wife, there is NOTHING you can do on the MLS side.
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