Does LDSTECH accept volunteers?

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Does LDSTECH accept volunteers?

Postby KG4OPF-p40 » Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:18 am

After speaking on the phone to a person at church headquarters about the LDSTECH internship program I was referred to After reviewing the jobs posted there I found it would be difficult for me to receive any positions listed. The church understandably has high standards of qualifications for thier employees. However, because I do not have a bachelor's degree I am excluded from meeting the requirements for most of these jobs.

I have over twenty years of computer enthusiast/hobbyist experience and am in the process of educating myself about software programming using reference books, technical podcasts and internet resources, I have been to college and have earned several credits. I have planned to return to college next January and study toward my bachelor's degree in computer science.

I have arranged my life so that I can attend church, go to work and take care of my family responsibilities. I have two weekdays free and wish to help in the church IT/IS department, specifically in the software development office. I was told that the qualification standards for internships is the same as for regular employees. Because it seems I do not qualify to work for the church in this department I wonder if I could be an unpaid volunteer. I would consider it a blessing to work in this environment and gain the skills and experience I would receive. If the personal nature of this post is not appropriate for this semi-public setting, I apologize.

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Postby WelchTC » Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:28 am

We appreciate your willingness to help out. We have projects from time to time that you can help out with. First off, get involved with these forums as that will help you get involved with different projects. Also I would encourage you to help out on some of the community projects that you may come across in the community.


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