Burning LDS.org Media to a DVD

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Burning LDS.org Media to a DVD


Post by PhillipsCJ »

A fairly common request in our ward comes from different teachers on how to play a video from the LDS.org Media Library in a Sunday class. While playing the media through a laptop is often a solution, at times it makes more sense to download the video file and burn it to a DVD so that it can be played on a DVD player.

Is anyone aware of good resources that could be shared with members with instructions on using free software to burn a video file to a DVD for personal use on both a Mac or PC?
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Post by dgoehring »

I find that downloading unto a flash drive is the easiest. We never use DVDs anymore.
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Post by aebrown »

dgoehring wrote:I find that downloading unto a flash drive is the easiest. We never use DVDs anymore.
Our TVs are pretty old, and there's no easy way for people to connect a laptop to them. So a DVD is easier for teachers to play (but it's hard for most teachers to create one).
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Post by russellhltn »

Some time ago, I tried to use a free tool to convert MP4 to DVD, but the lip sync was off. I ended up using my iPod to play the video. But not everyone has the needed video cable.

Some computers have DVD burning tools included as part of the DVD burner.
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