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Discussions about the Notes and Journal tool on This includes the Study Toolbar as well as the scriptures and other content on that is integrated with Notes and Journal.
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Notes and Journal


Post by christoph.zickler »

I just tried the function 'Notes and Journal' on
I wrote a longer Post and saved it.
About 5 minutes later the post was gone.

So my question is: is this function already working or is it only a beta test and I should better not post my precious notes there because they may get lost?
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Post by johnshaw »

That has not been my experience with Notes and Journal, I've been using it for years now with all the tagging, categories, etc... the data is all there. Not sure what happened. This is not a beta release. I'd continue trying and testing, use it in a 'mock' way for a week or so to gauge your experience, increase your sample pool is going to help determine whether you find value here or not....

I love this app
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Automatic sign out is a problem if you are writing a journal entry


Post by billchughes »

I don't know how long the system will allow you to write in the journal before automatically signing you out.

This is a problem if you have been writing and then try to save your journal entry. Once the system signs you out, the entry will not save and all will be lost.

Is there a way to allow more time to stay in the system?

The alternative is to hit save every 5 minutes, but this takes you back to the main screen where you have to re-open your entry.

It's hard to be confident in a journaling system that is going to automatically log you out.
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