The name "Prince" breaks new FamilySearch.

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The name "Prince" breaks new FamilySearch.


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On January 25, 2012, I was sent a message from new FamilySearch stating:

"The problem with your name is due to an issue in new FamilySearch when dealing with the name Prince. The error occurs during the transfer of data from LDS Church Membership Records to new FamilySearch. The engineers are working on this problem. We ask for your patience as they have a large number of requests and it make take some time before it is corrected."

This error caused my middle and last names to be inverted. They made a temporary fix at that time, but the problem is back again, and in particular it assigns me a fictitious name in FamilyTree. I am currently being helped by one of the friendly retirees at Church Headquarters, but I am not optimistic about this getting repaired soon.

Our stake leadership, including myself, has been challenged to prepare the name of an ancestor to take to the temple before our stake conference in a month. Should I just go ahead and do so under the fictitious name that new FamilySearch has assigned me?
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