Internet and Satellite backup

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Internet and Satellite backup


Post by netbug-p40 »

Hi all,

I'm from Uruguay and we have a Satellite technology for watching conference meeting and sometimes the satellite still down for alot time, to fix that i want to know if we can use an internet feed and satellite at the same time just in case the satellite fails, so that we can use the internet feed and still be able to see an image on the screen.

I have 2 weeks with my new calling ( Stake technology specialist )... Stake President ask me about that .:o

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Post by russellhltn »

I think you will find the Internet feed is very fuzzy on the screen and runs several seconds behind the satellite signal. It may be worth setting up both and being prepared to switch over. But I can't see this being an automatic option.

Why is there a problem with the satellite system? It might be as simple as cutting some trees back so they don't block the dish.
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